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Artist Statement

Through painting and installations, I create a heightened viewing arena in order to craft a perceptual shift for the viewer. By setting up schematic relationships between objects and images, I invite the viewer to move into a space of speculation in which I rely on our desires for discovery, pattern identification, and connections. My curated, improvisational sites use the constructed and “ready-made” to question our making-of-the-world though systems.

The hope is not to change things. Instead, the function of my work is to make realities visible that are generally overlooked in a fast-paced world. The goal is to escape modernity, the era of permanent change, and the loss of the familiar. In a distracted rush for the new, everyday elements of space are often overlooked. I use social media to disseminate documentation of site specific installations as an investigation into the importance of in person experiences. I use architecture and human occupied space to create a dialogue about space by creating indexical cues and visual reiterations that punctuate the space and call attention to the quotidian mundane of the built environment and the antiquated every day while elevating it. I celebrate subtle aesthetic decisions that amplify the aesthetic sensibility of the viewer. The paintings and installations demonstrate a certain selection and show a chain of choices that become the framework for a personal logic of inclusions and exclusions that create an analogy to a curated exhibition.

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